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A house is a standalone structure, standing inside a privet yard, with all 4 exposures.

Houses are surrounded by privet gardens and have privet parking.

Some houses are built to their maximum building rights, and some houses can be extended, remodeled and rebuilt. 

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A House to live in!! Givatayim prime location

A House to live in!! Givatayim prime location

Sharon Raz
Sharon Raz
Built Area:240sqm
Garden Area:50sqm

A unique house in a prime location in Givatayim!

Located on a quiet, on way street in an upper Arlozorov neighborhood location.

Facing West/South/East with balconies looking west towards Tel-Aviv, with spectacular view.

  • 240 Sq.m built.
  • 6 bedroom.
  • large living room.
  • 2 kitchens.
  • Garage with storage room & 2 parking spots.
  • Privet inner elevator (starting from the street level).
  • 50 Sq.m Privet inner patio + balconies facing west from each level.

The house is located within a walking distance from the 2 large school & high school in the city (Ktznelson & Gordon), and from city center.

Attractions and leisure close by:

In the neighborhood is one of the city's largest public gardens (Ha-Alia Garden), with the observatory within.

Also in the neighborhood "The mountain view point", from which there is a panoramic view to neighboring Tel-Aviv.

Close the house and neighborhood, "Area 9" were residents can enjoy a variety of stores, coffee shops, restaurants and cinema within the Givatayim-Mall.

Adjacent to the mall is the Givatayim park and country club.

The Givatayim-Theater, is located Within a short drive from this home. 

The proximity to Tel-Aviv and Ramat-Gan enables a large variety of attractions outside the neighborhood and city!! 


A house on 500 Sq.m land Ramat-Gan

A house on 500 Sq.m land Ramat-Gan

Sharon Raz
Sharon Raz
Total Area:490sqm
Built Area:240sqm
Garden Area:390sqm

A Privet house on 500 Sq.m lot

Located in "the paratroopers quarter" in Ramat-Gan.

A unique area with few privet houses and absolute privet.

  • 240 Sq.m built (2 stories + basement).
  • 390 Sq,m garden (490 Sq.m lot).
  • Additional large parking area.
  • security room + storage room.

The house is close by The National Park, Kfar maccabiah and the popular Ramat-Hen neighborhood.

A one of a kind cliff house in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa

A one of a kind cliff house in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa

Sharon Raz
Sharon Raz
Total Area:425sqm
Garden Area:320sqm

A rare cliff-house in Jaffa

In Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, on a small street, built on a cliff.

A unique house, positioned first out of 10 houses on the street,

The only one of its kind.

20 meters from the sea. with open and spectacular full sea view.

  • Privet land
  • 425 Sq.m lot
  • 210 Sq.m built (2 stories)
  • parking
  • currently 4 bedrooms 


unique house prime location

unique house prime location

Eli Zamir
Eli Zamir
Built Area:140sqm
Garden Area:40sqm

Unique house in prime location

The house is located on the edge of Baka and a few steps from Emek-Refaim,

close to many attractions.

built in 1971, 2 stories + basement + 3 gardens.

Ground floor: Living room + Kitchen + Dinning area + A work station + access to a privet garden.

1st floor: 3 bedrooms (one of which is a master bedroom) + access to a privet garden.

Basement: 2 large rooms + access a privet garden.

  • 140 Sq.m built
  • 6 rooms (5 bedrooms)
  • 3 gardens (total 40 Sq.m)
  • privet parking
A Privet house, with lots of potential in Givatayim heart

A Privet house, with lots of potential in Givatayim heart

Sharon Raz
Sharon Raz
Total Area:280sqm
Built Area:265sqm
Garden Area:175sqm

A house in Givatayim's heart

  • Privet house in Poaley-Harakevet
  • 280 Sq.m lot
  • 265 Sq.m built
  • 3 stories
  • Parking
  • For complete renovation
  • Can be legally divided into 2 homes
  • An additional floor of 90 Sq.m and additional 40 Sq.m room on the rooftop can be legally added. 

Close to Schools and kindergartens, in a quiet area with high demand 


להשכרה בשכונת שינקין גבעתיים
3,950 - For
למכירה דופלקס ענק וחדש בשכונת הגפן
4,650,000 - Sale
בתל אביב 5 חדרים
18,900,000 - Sale
דירת גן בשכונת שפירא
2,480,000 - Sale
בשכונת שפירא 4 חדרים
2,120,000 - Sale
במרכז יפו עורפית-ושקטה
2,190,000 - Sold
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